NextLeap is part of the GSV Cup Elite 200

As we step into 2022, we are even more motivated by being internationally recognized as The Elite 200 for shaping a better tomorrow. As we continue building a learning network for new-age professionals, a little boost like this goes a long way!

The Elite 200, is the acclaimed list of semifinalists in The GSV Cup — the world’s largest pitch competition for EdTech startups run by female-led, multi-stage venture capital firm GSV Ventures. Companies selected to The Elite 200 represent the top pre-seed and seed-stage startups in digital learning across the “Pre-K to Gray” space.

NextLeap is selected from a global applicant pool of 750+ companies, the largest application pool for the GSV Cup yet. More than 175 judges from leading venture capital firms and strategic partners in digital learning like Accel, General Atlantic, Reach Capital, and Owl Ventures, among others, used rigorous criteria to determine the 200 most promising companies.

By being part of the Elite 200, we get to compete for up to $1M in cash and prizes in San Diego this April at the ASU+GSV Summit, the annual education technology event hosted by Arizona State University and GSV Ventures.

NextLeap is part of the Elite 200, a group of the world’s most innovative early-stage EdTech startups!

Building a learning network for new age professionals

We are on a journey to build a learning network for new-age professionals where one can learn from a supportive community of industry experts and like-minded peers. NextLeap aims to be a university in the cloud for professionals to accelerate their career growth via a two-fold approach – continuous learning driven through micro cohort-based courses and a learning community that gives them access to knowledge (mentors, coaches, peers) and opportunities (employer connections and skill challenges).

Our Learning Philosophy

We believe people learn best when they have an intrinsic motivation to learn, and they take control of their learning with a structured learning path to guide them to their goals. With an enabling community of supportive peers, domain experts, and mentors, professionals will be able to apply the learning in a practical scenario.

To enable this we use methods/systems that fit the learner's goals/preferences/learning styles. Our guiding principles towards social interactions play a critical role in the learning process. If a community has shared values, members share value. Peer-to-peer credentials act as a positive sum. A sense of belonging and identification with the community leads to personal investment.

CEO and Founder - NextLeap quotes

“With the need for continuous upskilling and reskilling on the rise, there needs to be a focus on addressing the learning needs of new-age professionals – they prefer bite-sized, social, and hands-on learning”. Professional learning is becoming more decentralised and continuous and this presents a unique opportunity for learning networks like NextLeap with more participatory and peer-to-peer learning models.

Over the last 8 months of our operations, we have seen amazing growth with very positive feedback from our learner community. Given our full-stack focus on learning, community, and opportunities, we are uniquely positioned to deliver on learning outcomes that serve as a north star metric in edtech. We are excited to be in the Elite 200 of the GSV Cup as it serves as a recognition of the work we are doing.”

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